Client feedback


MS - July 2017

A lovely calming atmosphere from start to finish. A great experience with special attention paid to making sure my modesty was respected. Massage was thorough and consultation enabled focus on particular areas, I felt very relaxed indeed after my treatment and had a feeling of calm. The whole experience was excellent and very professional.

AH - May 2017

Streetly R&R offers you great services in a lovely and plush decor. Everything is made to make you feel relaxed and pampered, as soon as you step in, candles, lovely scent and music to welcome you. Ann is very attentive, friendly and should you wish to chat or just relax and enjoy your treatment, adapts her style accordingly. For my massage, she enquired if I needed her to concentrate on particular areas and checked that the pressure she was using was adequate or needed to be amended. The whole experience is very enjoyable and fills you with bien etre. Highly recommend.

JR - April 2017

My treatment left me feeling relaxed. I could really feel certain areas when Ann massaged them, particularly my legs. I felt Ann was working away the tension in my body that I've held since the beginning of the year.  I could really feel the difference after the treatment and I really enjoyed the experience.

HM - May 2017

I've had a lot of massages in a lot of different environments over the years. This massage environment was excellent, the right blend of soft music and nice scents. I was asked how firm I liked the massage and felt an appropriate level of questioning about issues I had and where I had discomfort. The treatment was thorough with particular attention paid to knots in my neck. Some therapists tend to 'skip over' problem areas so I was glad Ann was prepared to deal with tension areas properly and explained what she was doing and why. I was also pleased with the leg/arm massage as this is an area often ignored, and the treatment covered particular aches in my legs...left me wanting more! Overall excellent massage.

ST - April 2017

Very professional room, attitude and service. Explained fully what the treatment would entail. Appropriate pressure was used and regular confirmation that pressure being used was ok. The technique Ann used to massage my neck and shoulders was a revelation and very beneficial. Ann was very keen to understand and help with problem areas using appropriate techniques rather than blindly following process, therefore it felt a far more personalised treatment. Ann requested feedback to ensure welfare of the client. 

MT - June 2017

I’ve had a lot of sports massages on my back/ shoulders (including some physio) in the last 20 years. I think Ann's technique was at the top end of firmness and very thorough – probably the most thorough I’ve ever encountered. I felt Ann got to a root cause (the base of my neck) that had been missed before, and she certainly spent more time researching “deep tissue” than anyone else ever did.

I have been doing the exercises Ann recommended, and have felt their positive impact. Likewise I’ve tried to change posture, but frankly I still find myself routinely slouching. At least I’m more aware!

My shoulder blades have felt looser and more flexible since the treatment. I am grateful.